3 Tips For Effectively Sealing Cans In The Future

Many of the products that consumers enjoy each day come in canned form. Cans provide protection and a long storage life for the products they hold. This durability comes, in part, from the way cans are sealed during the manufacturing process. A specialized machine known as a seamer is used to seal lids to the bodies of cans. Here are three important tips that you can keep in mind when using an angelus seamer or other unit for your can-sealing processes in the future. [Read More]

Tips For Installing And Caring For Residential Steel Siding On Your Tiny Home

If you are building a tiny home and have decided that you want to install steel siding on its exterior, then there are many important things you need to know about the process. Additionally, it is vital that you know how to care for the siding once it has been installed. With proper installation and care, your tiny home's steel siding will stay looking new and will last as long as you own your new home. [Read More]

Exposing And Correcting A Few Steel Fabrication Myths

When you are needing to have custom tools, components, and other devices made from metal, you will likely need to retain the services of a metal fabricator. However, prior to using these services, you will need to have a correct understanding regarding what you should expect from utilizing this option. Otherwise, there will be mistakes and other difficulties that could complicate your experience with having custom sheet metal fabrication done. [Read More]

How To Reuse Those Beautiful Candy Boxes

Many candy companies put a lot of time, money and effort into creating gift-worthy candy boxes. These beautiful boxes serve no real purpose after you have consumed the candy. It is a shame just to throw them away, but that is what most people end up doing. If you find it difficult to part with the beautiful candy boxes you have been given, here are a few ideas on how to reuse them. [Read More]