Built Inside Out: Building Your Manufactured Home With A Rustic Feel

Whether you are setting up your manufactured home in the middle of a city suburb or on a few acres of land, you can still have a rustic feel to your home. Since manufactured homes are typically built inside of a factory, you can have the type of exterior built that you prefer while your home is still in set up mode. If you like the look of a rustic home, all your manufactured home will need is the right type of home siding, here are some home siding ideas that can give your home an outland appearance. 

Faux stone siding

Older homes out on the prairie tended to have stone or wood exteriors. The stone exterior is similar to the look of many older homes that have existed in prior centuries. You can get home paneling made of wood or vinyl siding to look like stone. Vinyl siding or wood siding with a painted stone exterior will give your manufactured house a homey feel before you even put it down in the foundation on your land. 

Piney wood

Piney wood siding is one that will make your home panel siding appear just like your grandfather's log cabin. The piney wood look, especially in a light finish, will make your home look bright and look like an old school cabin. Along with the country-like appearance, the wood will be easier to connect to the interior decor with inside piney wood panel walls. For an upgraded look, make the piney wood panels wide. During the manufacturing process be sure that the wood is properly sealed, especially if you will be in a harsh environment. This will keep the wood appearance uniform everywhere on the home's exterior. 

Pitched slope roof

Match the roof panels with the side panels of your home in order to complete the woodsy feel of your home. Your manufactured home builder can create shingles in rubber or in asphalt that have a wood-like appearance. Be sure that the roof is appropriately fitted with a draining system full-size gutters to allow for roof run-off and away from the home. If the exterior of the home is wood, you will need to keep to from getting soaked from the roof and attracting any sort of wood rot. A high pitched, shingle roof will complement the rustic side panels plus offer the paneling protection from heavy water elements.  

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