Common Processes Used In Modern Custom Structural Steel Fabrication

The metals that you use in your factory need to be pliable enough to work with. However, metals like steel by themselves can be too hard and brittle to use in manufacturing. You need to have them fabricated to tailor them to your industrial needs. Before you partner with a custom steel fabrication business, you need to find out how it can treat and ready your steel for you. These processes are some that are used in modern custom structural steel fabrication businesses today.


Punching is a custom steel fabrication process that involves punching holes in sheets of steel. This process makes the steel easier to hang and easier to insert parts like nails, screws, and bolts into. The bits of steel left behind from the holes are called slugs. Slugs themselves can also be used in metal construction and do not have to be thrown away.


Shearing is another custom structural steel fabrication process that involves cutting sheets of steel into strips. Fabrication workers use sharp blades and scissors to shear the steel. The strips are evenly cut and have smooth edges that make them relatively safe to use in construction and for other fabrication purposes.


Folding is a custom steel fabrication process that is necessary for shaping steel to be used for manufacturing. Products like auto parts and cooking grills are an example of things that are made from folded steel. Having your steel folded professionally saves your factory time in shaping this metal into the sizes and dimensions needed to create your factory's products. 


Finally, welding is one of the most common custom steel fabrication processes used on steel today. Welding involves using heat, which is administered from a welding torch, to soften, shape, and meld together pieces of steel. 

This fabrication process requires the use of specialized equipment and apparel that you may not be able to invest in as a factory owner. You also may not want the gases and sparks that come from welding because they can put your factory and its staff at risk. You can instead hire a professional custom structural steel fabrication business to do your steel welding for you.

These processes are some that are used in custom steel fabrication today. You can have your steel punched, sheared, and folded to make it more malleable and practical to use in manufacturing. You can also have pieces of steel welded together. Reach out to a professional who provides custom structural steel fabrication to learn more.