3 Reasons to Use a PCB Manufacturer Rather Than a Broker

If you need to order custom PCB boards, then you can deal with a manufacturer or with a broker. In many cases, you're likely to see better results if you work directly with the company that makes your boards.


1. Cut Out Middleman Costs

While a broker can manage your PCB processes and orders for you, the work they do comes at a price. They charge to connect you with a manufacturer and manage your order. So you might find that you pay more for your printed circuit boards. You effectively pay a mark-up price based on the actual cost of manufacture and your broker's costs.

If you work with a manufacturer on a one-to-one basis, then you don't have to pay brokerage costs. You simply pay for the cost of your order and its shipping. You're more likely to save money if you go direct and cut out the middleman.

2. Get Better Quality Control Guarantees

While the broker you deal with might be local, the manufacturer who ultimately makes your circuit boards might not be. You might not even find out where they are based. They could be anywhere in the world. Your broker might not work with the best PCB manufacturers for your needs. You might think that you are buying from a domestic supplier when you're actually buying from an overseas manufacturer. In some cases, you might not get the quality of products you need. Overseas companies might not have the same quality control or regulatory standards.

If you deal with a domestic manufacturer, or even an overseas company that you verify before you sign a contract, then you shouldn't have many unforeseen quality problems. You'll have run any necessary checks to ensure that the manufacturer can work to your standards.

3. Handle Problems More Effectively

If you work with a broker, then you don't have direct contact with your manufacturer. While this can be a convenient way to do business, it isn't the best model when you have a problem. For example, if your broker assigns your order to an overseas manufacturer, then they can't be on the spot to manage problems. If the manufacturer can't deliver on time, you have to rely on your broker to contact the manufacturer for you. It could take some time to fix the problem.

If you order direct from a manufacturer, then you have a personal relationship with the company. You can work together to deal with problems.

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