Tips For Installing And Caring For Residential Steel Siding On Your Tiny Home

If you are building a tiny home and have decided that you want to install steel siding on its exterior, then there are many important things you need to know about the process. Additionally, it is vital that you know how to care for the siding once it has been installed. With proper installation and care, your tiny home's steel siding will stay looking new and will last as long as you own your new home. To this end, here are some tips for installing and caring for residential steel siding.

Measure Well and Plan to Use the Minimum Number of Steel Siding Sheets

When you install steel siding on your tiny home, you should use the type of siding that comes in large sheets, like plywood, instead of the thin strip style. The larger sheets will keep water out of your home's structural timbers and are the easiest to install.

When you are measuring for the siding, plan to use the largest pieces of siding possible. For example, one side of your tiny home is eight feed across, then use one eight foot sheet of siding rather than two that are four feet. The less seams between siding sheets, the smaller the chance of leaks during a storm.  

Properly Prepare Your Tiny Home Before Installing the Siding

As with painting your house, the preparation you do before installing the siding on your tiny house will be the difference between a great installation and one that doesn't look or function well. Before installing your tiny home's siding you must:

  • make sure all nail heads are flush with your house
  • install sheets of waterproofing material
  • install some foam insulation

Installing sheets of foam insulation under the siding will make your tiny home more insulated against cold and hot weather.

Install Your Tiny House's Siding from the Bottom Layer Upward

As with siding a traditional house, you need to install the siding on your tiny house by starting at the base and working your way upward. 

Keep Your New Steel Siding Clean and in Good Repair

Finally, once your tiny home has steel siding installed on it, then you need to check it every few months to make sure none of it has become loose or suffered any damage that you need to repair. Additionally, you should wash down the siding using a mild detergent and water to keep it clean and looking great.

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