How To Reuse Those Beautiful Candy Boxes

Many candy companies put a lot of time, money and effort into creating gift-worthy candy boxes. These beautiful boxes serve no real purpose after you have consumed the candy. It is a shame just to throw them away, but that is what most people end up doing. If you find it difficult to part with the beautiful candy boxes you have been given, here are a few ideas on how to reuse them.

Clothing Gift Boxes

How many times do you buy a shirt or some other article of clothing to give as a gift, and you are completely lacking in a box or gift bag in which to place it? Now you can reuse your empty (and clean!) candy boxes to package clothing you intend to give as gifts. Most shirts fit quite nicely inside a cigar box-sized candy box, while entire outfits or suits fit into giant candy boxes.

Welcome Basket Boxes

New neighbors just moved in? Bake them some bars or cookies and then place them in your old candy boxes. Line the candy box with a little, food-friendly tissue paper and then stack the bars or cookies inside. Leave it open or replace the lid for preservation and presentation reasons.


Everyone needs more boxes for organization, right? Now your empty candy boxes can double as storage! They are especially good for storing sewing supplies, arts and crafts materials and loose game pieces that have been found but have not made it back into their appropriate game box.

Yard Decorations

Some of the fanciest candy boxes are the ones presented at Valentine's Day and Christmas. You cannot always reuse these in the above ways, but you can convert them into yard decorations for these particular holidays. Glue the top of the box to the bottom of the box, creating a box that cannot be opened. Then cut a hole in the bottom edge of the box (e.g., on a heart-shaped box this would be at the point of the box). Insert a sturdy garden stake in the hole with the pointed edge down. Then insert the stake in the ground. The box will oscillate lightly in the breeze while it decorates your lawn!

Pattern Tracers

Always stuck with trying to make the perfect square, heart or circle? Candy boxes can help. Use them as solid patterns to trace around and then you will not have to concern yourself with drawing another shape free-hand again