3 Signs Your Mobile Barcode Printers Need Replacing

In a processing and manufacturing plant, one of the most crucial aspects of organization and tracking is the barcode process that is used. If you use mobile barcode printers to quickly access labels for your products as they go down the line, then you know that each and every one of these tools need to be in excellent working condition to get the job done right. When employees have access to accurately recording and printing devices, they can label each shipment that is coming in or going out during production with ease knowing they are getting the right numbers on each marked item. Here are signs your barcode printers need to be replaced so you can always stay on the move with organized production.

Error messages

An error message now and then alerting you to a paper jam or lack of ink is not a large problem since it can be easily fixed. Repeated error messages on one or more devices can halt production and prevent proper documentation of items. Before replacing any barcode printer due to constant errors or freezing up, consult with the printer manufacturer or customer service hotline about the problems you are having. You may be able to get a new printer under warranty as a replacement.

Blurred ink

Barcodes need to be precise in order to be scanned. Blurred ink may be more than just a bleeding ink cartridge, it can mean a dirty ink strip. Put your printer through a self-cleaning process to see if this repairs the issue. If not, it's often best to just replace the whole unit for one that operates with clear labeling. Often printers left out in rooms where debris can get into them causes this annoying issue. In the future keep all mobile barcode printers in a storage area when not in use (rather than allowing employees to leave them in their pockets or vests).

Freezing or turning on/off

When printers begin to age they can start to go faulty with their hardware. This can cause them to turn on and off randomly or freeze for long periods of time. This can be due to the massive amount of stored information (simply clear the printing cache memory if this is the case) or just simply be a sign that it's time for replacement. Call customer service about your affected printers to see if they can walk you through a de-bugging or reset process and if this fails to work, replacement may be the best option for your needs.